Founded in 1993, Farwest Fabrication, along with our dedicated staff, strives to provide the best products and services in the steel fabrication industry. We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive pricing, and the timely completion of each job. It is our mission to provide a working relationship with each customer built on mutual respect, understanding, and open communication.

Our facility is located in the town Frederickson, near Puyallup Washington, on six acres of land. We have a fabrication plant; three sub arc lines, and a sand blasting and painting facility on site. For delivery and transport needs we offer onsite rail service with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Railroads, saving our customers both valuable time and money.

Pipe & Piling

Our three sub arc lines can efficiently splice pipe from 6” to 60” in diameter. Our railspur allows us to receive large quantities of material directly from mills and our prime location in Fredrickson allows us to ship pipe up to 220’ in length. In addition to pipe splicing we also offer fabrication of tiebacks, wyes, sheet pile, fenders, stingers, and dolphins.

Structural Steel

Buildings · Bridge Improvements · Mezzanines · Siezmic Improvements · Ship/Boat Docks · False Work

Custom Sheet Pile Fabrication

Chignik Dock, AK.

Pipe and Sheet Piling Fab

UniSea Dock - Unalaska, AK.

Pipe Piling and Handrail

The Great Wheel - Seattle, WA.

Architectural Steel

Structural Colums and Beams · Canopies · Walk Bridges · Railings and Stairs · Wind Screens · Aluminum

Quality Control

Farwest Fabrication employs WABO certified welders. Our onsite AWS certified welding inspector oversees our welding procedures, our conformance to project specifications, codes, and seismic state standards. We strictly adhere to AISC standards as well as our own quality control procedures.

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Bill Crites – Founder/Outside Sales
Brie Garland – President/Owner
Andrea Petri – Controller/Accounting
Chris Hadaway – Chief Project Manager/Estimator/Pipe & Piling
Kyle Cosand – CWI/Project Manager/Estimator
Mark Hepok – Project Manager/Estimator

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